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Divine Balance

This last year I have finally felt so empowered to step into the Godly Divine Masculine aspects of my being that rarely if ever felt safe to inhabit before. Even as a child I recognized the toxicity that had permeated into our society through the abuse of masculine energy and power. Control and oppression are symptoms of imbalance in the masculine aspects of being. Recognizing these things I chose instead to inhabit and cultivate many of the feminine aspects of my being. What beautiful work this has been to develop the Yin virtues of compassion, surrender, receptivity, softness, wisdom, introspection, and creativity. I love embodying the Divine Goddess within me.

But through my journey of healing and spiritual-empowerment, as well as through observation of balanced masculine expression in family, friends, loved ones, brothers and sisters, I began to see the power and beauty in balanced masculine expression, creating a safe space to explore and embody these virtues in myself: deep rootedness, expressive action, building and manifesting, protecting and providing for others. These are some of the divine gifts of the sacred masculine, Yang, energy.

Doing this work has changed every aspect of my life in such empowering and unexpected ways! My communication, confidence, sexuality, capacity for self-love, self-expression, powers of manifestation, ability to connect to others and the world around me, authenticity, intuition, connection to the Divine, clarity of future, understanding, inner peace, and compassion have all been expanded and empowered in the process. I feel great balance in myself and am seeing that balance reflected in the world around me. I have not abandoned my Divine Goddess within - I never will. But now she has a sacred companion and guardian along the journey. The two Divine Beings swirling inside of me - the Yin and the Yang - guiding me through the Divine Dance of Life.

Colter Wild

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