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We All Play Pretend

We all play pretend. For aren’t we all just dreaming up this co-created Earthly experience anyway? Eternal Loving Awareness inhabiting an animal body on a planet called Earth - taking on this avatar form from lightyears and dimensions away. But through trick of fate we forget our True Form in the process of simplifying and distilling our 12th Dimensional Intelligence into 3rd dimensional body. But what a gift it is to be alive. To be awake. To be conscious in the 3rd dimension. In awe and wonder at the breeze and the glint of sunlight on the water. In bliss we are held by Mother’s embrace. In ecstasy We caress the skin of a Beloved. Perhaps it’s no trick of fate at all, but a divinely engineered part of the plan We laid out for Ourselves millennia ago. For by forgetting, we allow ourselves the gift to remember. Recalling the magic and splendor of this Divine Gift over and over and over again. The gift to wake up in a world of Infinite Possibilities. A portal of eternal depth closely taled by an endless ancestry. Stories. Stories before words. People on four, six, and one-thousand-three-hundred-and-six legs, trees, stones, rivers, algae, and molten lava fields.

Stardust, supernovas, black holes, and black matter. Black lives matter. And some human stories too. Each and every one of them made up in a game of pretend. Illness, healing, religion, and crime. Buddha, Jesus Christ, Satan and Santa Claus, Anubis, and Camazotz. Magic, wealth, miracles, and mushrooms all manifested out of expansive black space. Observed through the mind. Does it mean they’re not real? Of course not. Does it mean none of it really matters? Certainly the answer must be no. But it must also be yes. This game of pretend may look or feel differently from when you were a child. It seems that there are no time-outs, safe words, or nap times along the way. Unless there are. The sands of time just keep trickling downward. Or is it forward? Or does it just get swept away by the desert wind before We can tell? Regardless the expansion continues. For it must. Until it doesn’t.

If you could pretend anything. Anything at all in the infinite realm of possibilities. Would it be this very moment? Would it be your life? Just as it is right now? It must be or you would be elsewhere. Right? Or is this the moment where you dream a new reality for yourself? We are each the narrators of our own story. We tell ourselves the stories of our lives. Day of our lives. If we don’t do it consciously then the unconscious mind will gladly come to do it’s job. Running on autopilot the most recent or accessible programming available. Wake up. Do it now. Create your life on purpose. Be here now. Let us continue to play pretend. Let us pretend we live in a world of peace and plenty, of fairness and equality for All. And for human beings as well. Let us dream into reality the New Age. The age of the Remembrance of Magic and Balance. A Golden Age for all Beings of Earth. And those who support Her journey from afar.

Do you want to learn how? Let me show you a way.

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