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Money is a Spiritual Relationship

Want to read a secret? Money is a Spiritual Relationship.

I used to believe that money was a distraction from spiritual and personal work. I thought it was an illusion fabricated to trick us into becoming stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled. Do you want to know what I’ve learned more recently? Money is an amazing opportunity to practice spirituality and personal development. Money is an energy. It has its own frequency and resonance. Money itself is neither good nor bad. It’s completely neutral. But our relationship to money can influence it with love or fear.

It can enhance a person’s life, offering experience and influence, or it can consume a life, leading to disconnect and heartache. Like all of our relationships, it can be healed, nurtured, evolved, and exalted. In fact, many of my clients come to me seeking to heal and nourish their relationship with money. Oftentimes they have carried beliefs about money inherited from ancestors, leaders, or society that are not truths at all but rather very limiting beliefs.

The truth is that funneling more money through our souls offers us more opportunity to expand our reach and influence. If we are kind, loving, and focused on the greater good of the world, the money that flows through us will carry kindness and love with it, serving the greater good of the world. Allowing more dollars to flow through our lives offers us more opportunities to give dollars to our favorite artists, healers, chefs, farmers, charities, businesses, communities, and people.

Money is not the only way to influence and inspire in the world, but it’s certainly not a “bad” way of doing so!

I pray for more money to flow through your life that you may know prosperity and abundance. I pray for stacks of dollars to flow through you, touching your generous heart, then going out into the world to spread love, healing, and care everywhere it touches.

This is how we build a new economy. An economy based on service to our fellow Earthlings, responsible stewardship of our Earth, and healing for All Beings.

How is your relationship with money today? Has it changed through your journey of personal or spiritual development?

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