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Healing Through Expanded States of Consciousness

Consciousness is the awareness through which we experience our bodies, the world, one another, energy fields, and various dimensions of reality. Our consciousness is immense, vast, and ever-expanding. In our day-to-day lives we use only a very small percentage of this consciousness. Consciousness exists through many dimensions across time and space, while our human bodies seem to be pretty well planted into the third dimension. In order for this vast, expansive consciousness to inhabit the awe-inspiring, though relatively simple, technology of the human body it must be filtered, distilled, and projected into a simplified form.

In that process of filtering consciousness into the human body a lot of the power, ability, and wisdom contained in our consciousness becomes inaccessible - except through special keys and portals. These keys and portals can help us to experience what are referred to as Expanded States of Consciousness. In these expanded states of consciousness (ESC) we can access wisdom of our Highest Selves, knowledge gained during past lives, the experience of Oneness with the Universe, transcendence of time and space, awareness of other dimensions, and the innate intelligence held within our DNA which holds instructions for healing, reprogramming, which can lead us to experiences of wholeness, presence, flow state, peace, and unconditional love.

Many of these portals into ESC have been utilized by humanity since ancient times. Chemical compounds or molecules from plants, fungus, or animals (Psilocybin, DMT, LSD) which fit specific receptors of the human brain like a key can be among the most reliable and transformative. Breathing techniques, meditation, poses or movements of the physical body (ie yoga, ecstatic dance), interpersonal tantric connection (ie eye gazing), deep connection with nature, chanting, fasting, and other mystical experiences are other keys to unlock the portals into expanded states of consciousness.

In Expanded States of Consciousness the incessant voice of ego is quietened, spirit is empowered to take the driver’s seat, synesthesia may occur - where you may feel shapes and colors coming through music, you may see energy fields usually invisible to the human eye, awareness may expand out from the physical body or transcend the body completely, your awareness may hover above your body or take the bird’s eye view over your whole life, offering you a new perspective on your habits, programming, current status, or future direction. You are free to connect with the oneness that is the whole Universe, God - in all of it’s majestic light and shadowy dark. You embody the part of yourself that is that divine creator of your life and experience. You may connect back through the cosmos to past lives, incarnation, and a well of rich wisdom that perhaps you had forgotten you set aside for your self for this very life at this very moment exactly. And in that space you may pick up your gem of immaculate stardust, take it home, and plug it into the motherboard of your life, finding that this missing piece was all you needed for everything to fit together perfectly and create a flow of ecstatic bliss into your life, not just for a moment, but perhaps everyday moving forward. Not to avoid challenge or growth, but to know you are equipped with all you need to flourish through every single one of them and come out more powerful, more happy, more free, more loved, more wealthy, more healthy, and deeply fulfilled!

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