Spiritual Alchemy


Shamanic Journey

through 9 Sacred Rites

 Experience Astrovitality, a divine harmony achieved by bringing balance to the vital (physical) and astral (spiritual) bodies, through 9 Sacred Ceremonial Rites, designed to heal the body, mind, and soul, then bring astounding empowerment to your life force and spiritual well-being.  

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Experience Transcendental Spirituality through Rooting into Nature

Between Shamanism and Mysticism lies a magical balance of Shadow and Light, Spirit and Body, Human and Divine. Wild Shamanics excels at creating and leading spiritual ceremonies and experiences for seekers from many different walks of life, belief, and practice. By fusing ancient ritual and ceremony with modern understanding and scientific research of the body and the Quantum Realms we guide seekers through practices of spiritual healing and empowerment.

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